Which candy will rise to the top this Halloween?

Halloween is the one time of year when people throughout the United States can go door-to-door, dressed up as their favorite superheroes or Disney characters. Children, teens, and even adults walk around different neighborhoods on the night of October 31, expecting different kinds of Halloween candies they like the best. Every year, one candy prevails as the most popular treat. It is a battle of numbers as bags of candy fly off store shelves and into pantries of homeowners preparing for the Halloween rush. Which candy will come out on top this year? Twix, Reeses, Whoppers, or Candy Corn?  

As the Halloween season approaches, the real champion is the candy that takes the title of the most popular candy in the United States. Using data from 2007 to 2016 Candystore.com created a map detailing the amount of candy bought (in pounds) for every state. According to their research, which tracked the amount and kinds of candies bought by different states, Candy Corns reigned as the champion.

It’s time for the reign of Candy Corns to be over

Although Candy Corns are a long-loved staple of Halloween tradition, they are also one of the most controversial candies. People either hate or love them. Like many others, I wonder why Candy Corn reigns as the most favored candy. To me, Candy Corns (which are made of wax, sugar, and corn syrup) should be used as a cookie or cake decoration. They should not be consumed by itself. Yet, the majority of people in Idaho, New Mexico, Alabama, South Carolina, and Rhode Island buy more Candy Corns than any of the other candies. Candy Corn has done well as a Halloween treat considering they used to be known as “Chicken Feed” in the 19th century.

Here comes Kaiser High’s new champion

At Kaiser High School, however, the majority of students favor KitKat. Out of 96 students we surveyed, 39 students chose KitKat as their favorite candy. One student responded that “KitKat is more than just a regular candy bar.” I agree with him: the crunchy and airy texture of the wafer complements the surrounding sweet and rich chocolate. Not only do Kaiser students love this candy, so does the rest of the nation. Consumers in the U.S. bought 200 million units last year.

If your favorite candy isn’t ranked among the best, don’t worry. While it is true that some candies have always been popular and will therefore have more sales, Halloween comes around every year. With an expected $2.7 billion spent on Halloween candies this year, there are sure to be no shortages.

Picture credit: ITV.com

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