Seaman announced as Kaiser’s new football coach

A football meeting was held on Dec. 5, to introduce a new yet familiar face. Tim Seaman, a long-time member of the faculty and often the coaching staff for Henry J. Kaiser High School’s football program, was recently announced as the head coach for the varsity team.

Hailing from the class of 1979, Seaman is a proud alumni of Kaiser High School and played defensive back during his time as a student-athlete. His achievements show that he knows what it takes to win, leading the team to a D2 OIA title while the JV football head coach in 2013.

Experience will only serve to help the long-time coach. “[I have been at] Kaiser High School for many years [as an] assistant. Also, [I have coached] four years as the JV head coach, two years as the varsity head coach, two years as McKinley head coach, an assistant at St. Louis.”

A positive relationship with the community only helps Seaman increase the previous year’s low turnout. “I have existing relationships with a lot of people at the school and in the community,” said Seaman. “[I can] almost reconnect [with others].”

Not only will connections to the local area help Seaman regarding players, but his confirmed coaching staff already contain a few familiar faces on campus. “Mr. Almadova will be back, [along with] Mr. Gardener, Mr. Miguel, and Richard Torres,” said Seaman. “That’s what we have confirmed for now.”

His approach to the upcoming football offseason is straightforward: working out and keeping grades up. “We’re going to lift weights, run, do some skill work, all the usual stuff, but none of that matters if guys don’t take care of business in the classroom,” Seaman said.

The longtime teacher and coach is taking small steps towards the future, but sees bright skies moving forward. “[This year,] we want a broader participation and more students to come out, connect with the school, and each other,” said Seaman. “I’m most excited about taking on the challenge of getting students to come out and engage in a positive environment. I’m a pretty firm guy, but flexible in the sense that [I’m] willing to help meet the needs of individuals.”

His main objective, however, is to set the team up for success and allow each player to have a good time. “[We want to] establish the right type of culture and atmosphere, [we] need to sell the positive aspects of the game of football,” said Seaman. “[Show] how much fun it can be to be a part of a team [through] the building of lifelong relationships.”

Though low numbers were a major issue from the previous season, Seaman hopes to recruit new players as well as sway disheartened veteran players into returning once again. To those that want to try out, Seaman says this: “Give it a chance. You never know until you try.”

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