New and improved Cougar website

As of November 2017, Kaiser has implemented a new school website created by the Parent-Community Network Coordinator Ann Olson and former PCNC Celise Nakakura. Located at the address,, the site has a fresh new look, featuring a modernized design displaying everything from scholarship opportunities and student life to athletic events and the lunch schedule.

The front page of the website greets you with Kaiser’s signature blue and gold theme and the motto, “One team. One family. Cougar Country”. Scroll down to discover small snippets of news. Anything from DOE letters to school events will make an appearance in the news section. Simply click on the link to learn more. Look no further to find upcoming events. Users are able to see whether it’s an A or B day and any events occurring on a particular day. Missed a game you wanted to go to? Don’t worry, the last section of the opening page features Twitter posts from @kaiserhigh that list game scores, highlights, and other school related events.

But that’s just the first page of the website. Observe the top of the page where tabs like Academics, Counseling, and Athletics will guide you through heaps of  information. These tabs allow for exploration of the ins and outs of Kaiser. From campus life to college and career counseling, the website has it all.

The new Cougar website would not have been possible without the hard work of Parent-Community Network Coordinator Ann Olson, who was hired in Nov. 2017 after the previous coordinator, Celise Nakakura, transferred to Kaimuki Middle School. Olson created the new website for Kaiser with the students in mind. “I’m very excited and thrilled that students are using the site. It’s for you guys,” Olson said. Her job is to input all of the information into the website and is almost finished with each of the site’s components. “Student government is starting to work on their area and college career is pretty much [done], so just a little more filling here and there,” Olson said. The site may seem big now, but it will continue growing as more sections are needed. “There’s more to come, but if there’s anything students want on the website, please tell me,” she said.

The updated Cougar website is the newest addition to Kaiser’s ever expanding network of communication. Vast amounts of information can be accessed by anyone who wishes to learn more about our school at just a click of a button.

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