What kind of cafe is it?

Ke Aloha Cafe primarily serves Japanese food with a contemporary twist. Typical Japanese foods are mixed with trendy and local ones, such as poi bagels and ba- guettes. Part of what makes the food interesting is the presentation and interesting fusion of different foods. For instance, one of the foods offered is the sukiyaki baguette sandwich, which you can dip into egg yolks.


Atmosphere: 4/5

The cafe itself gives off a warm cozy feel and is a good place to spend a lazy afternoon. Sunshine comes in through the windows and allows the customers to relax as they savor their food. Though it doesn’t have much scenery, the cafe manages to create a comfortable atmosphere as a little shop on the corner of Sheridan Street.

IMG_0682 2
Ke Aloha Cafe has a comfortable atmosphere with a cozy interior.


Service: 5/5

According to their website, “Ke Aloha” means to be surrounded with love inthe Hawaiian language. This title was very fitting of the service provided, as I found that the wait staff were both attentive and caring to their customers. They occasionally came to talk to us about the food and our experience at the cafe. When I left, I could still remember their warm smiles, and I truly felt like the customer’s satisfaction was their highest priority.


Food: 5/5

The Ke Aloha Cafe is well known for its oxtail curry: its recipe is from a curry store in Shibuya, Tokyo. You can order it mild or hot, so I tried both versions.The curry was savory and the flavor danced off my tongue in an explosion of spice.

yuuki food edited
Ke Aloha Cafe’s curry is flavorful and savory, well deserving of its popularity amongst customers.

Even the mild curry, which often is at danger of being bland, had ahearty flavor without the spices overpowering each other. Included with eachcurry was a salad and grilled oxtail. The shredded cabbage salad was a nice complement, as its light dressing offset the heartiness of the curry. The grilled oxtail was very good. The light seasoning of the salt and pepper made the oxtail savory, and the meat was so tender that it fell right off the bone. Despite the fact that the food was a bit expensive (most of the foods were priced at or above twelve dollars), the taste and presentation made up for it.


Overall: 5/5

Overall, I give Ke Aloha Cafe a 5/5. The staff was very nice, and the simplistic interior of the cafe made the atmosphere very comfortable and welcoming. Most importantly, out of all the curry dishes I have ever eaten, I can say, with certainty, that Ke Aloha Cafe’s curry was the best I’ve ever had the joy of experiencing. Curry is my favorite food, and I have eaten many curry dishes in both Hawaii and Japan, but there is something special about Ke Aloha Cafe’s curry. It’s not just good, but it makes you want to go back for more. If you are a curry lover like me, I recommend that you give Ke Aloha Cafe a try, as it offers a great dining experience!

Yuuki Morishige / Staff Writer

Ke Aloha Cafe can be found at:

808 Sheridan St Unit 110, Honolulu, HI 96814

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