Shift To Thrift

You may remember checking the price tag on that super cute sweater the other day and not liking the cost. If you’re looking for something to lighten the load on your wallet, then shopping at a thrift store might be the best choice for you. Thrift stores offer a wide selection of items, donated or sold by many different people and places. People all around the island take items and clothing they no longer use anymore and donate them to Goodwill bins or thrift stores to be sorted. Thrift shopping not only saves money, but it also helps the environment. You can also donate your clothing to thrift shops instead of throwing them out so that no clothes are being put to waste.

One trip to a thrift store with second-hand clothing, toys, furniture, and books can become a treasure hunt. Notice the popular worn out, vintage appearance lately? It’s become all the rage! Instead of buying clothes at a higher price that are created to look vintage, take a trip to a thrift store to purchase real vintage clothing for cheap, such as distressed jeans or washed-out, colored tank tops.

Goodwill thrift.jpg
Goodwill has a wide variety of shoes to mix and match with your clothes. They have different sizes and different styles to match anyone’s needs.

Savers, with various locations around the island, is a popular thrift store that is affordable and friendly. The store not only holds vintage clothing but also holds popular brands, such as American Eagle, Guess, Bullhead, and Ralph Lauren. Savers also contains all sizes, male or female, with a wide selection in every department. In a regular clothing store, a normal pair of American Eagle jeans would range between $30-40. At Savers, however, a pair of the same style of jeans would only cost between $15-20. Savers also offers a variety of sales and discountsas well as a club membership. If you confirm thismembership with the cashier, you can receive 20% off your purchase. From my experience, Savers hadgreat deals for clothes that I usually find at a muchhigher cost in retail stores, and although it was not my favorite thrift store because of the location, it was definitely worth the time.

Goodwill thrift
You can find secondhand books at Goodwill along with household items and clothing.

Goodwill offers items for everyone, regardless of age or gender. The products there can range from a decorated kitchen utensil for your mom, or a new shirt for your friend. Although thrift stores offer second-hand products, most items are in good condition and have only been used/worn a couple of times. Goodwill has improved their image over the past few years and has now become one of the most popular thrift shops on the island, as it has a wider variety of items compared to all the other stores I visited.

Teenagers today are all about discovering new places to buy clothes that are both stylish and cheap. Plato’s Closet reaches out to the younger generations and offers low prices. Located on Beretania Street, Plato’s Closet differs from the aforementioned thrift shops because they only accept trendy clothing that is in good condition. Unlike other thrift shops, you don’t need to spend hours surveying racks of clothing for something salvageable enough to try on. From my personal experience, the store gave off great vibes and had all sorts of brands that I was interested in, such as American Eagle, Hollister, and Brandy Melville. The store also has a public Instagram for everyone to see what’s new, which is a great way to reach out and keep customers updated.

Thrift shopping is the way to go! It offers a constant change of selection, a new adventure to embark on, and a trip down memory lane. If you haven’t visited any of Oahu’s thrift shops, I highly recommend spending a few hours shopping at a couple of them, for you’ll never know what treasures await unless you give thrifting a try.

Jaida Burgon / Staff Writer

Images Courtesy of Cougar Connection

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