As soon as Bruno Mars announced his homecoming performance, fans rejoiced at the return of a homegrown star. Thursday was the first act of Mars’ 24K Magic World Tour in Hawaii, his final destination. Held at Aloha Stadium, fans waited eagerly to enter, excited to see their idol live. Scurrying to their seats, the audience couldn’t wait for the show.

The concert kicked off with a fantastic performance by Charlie Wilson, former lead vocalist of The Gap Band. At 9:00 p.m., the main act began, with pictures flashing of Mars as a child growing up in Hawaii. Some pictures even depicted his earliest performances, going back as far as his Elvis impersonations when he was just six years old. Seeing Mars as a child with big dreams touched many hearts throughout the arena.

Mars brought the crowd to their feet with his hit song Finesse. The ending of the song was punctuated by a blast of reworks that captivated the fans. Following Finesse was 24K Magic, Mars’ tour being the namesake of this song. He performed the 24K Magic album’s biggest hits,including Chunky, That’s What I Like, and Versace On The Floor, as well as played a wonderful guitar riff that electrified the audience. Between songs, Mars entertained his fans with a hilarious fake phone call in which he attempted to impress a girl while speaking pidgin English.

Along with songs from his album 24k Magic, Mars also performed many of his older songs. Some of these included Run Away Baby, Grenade, It Will Rain, and Locked Out Of Heaven, songs which evoked a nostalgic atmosphere. In between songs, Mars explained what they meant to him as well as how he was given his start. While singing When I Was Your Man, the song he said was the most difficult for him to write, Mars began to tear up with emotion. He ended the show with one of his most popular songs, Just The Way You Are, accompanied by another blast of reworks at the end. Prompted by the call for an encore, Mars returned to the stage and performed Mark Ronson’s Uptown Funk in which he was featured.

It’s quite rare to find icons who have such humble beginnings in the small state of Hawaii, but every now and then, some island residents find a way to make it to the top: Marcus Mariota made a name for himself in the football world, Michelle Wie in the golf world, and Barack Obama–well he was the 44th President of the United States. Bruno Mars is one of these rarities, forever a local boy named Peter Gene Hernandez who grew up to become one of the world’s most famous musical icons.

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