Kaiser Students Organize Health Fair

On Nov. 7, seniors Aria Almario, Noelle Nakakura, and Shan-non Takahashi coordinated a health fair in the Kaiser library. BeingInternational Baccalaureate (IB) students, the event fulfilled the requirement of completing a CAS project, which addresses global issues through creativity, activity, or service. “We were thinking ofglobal issues that we could potentially help x or prevent. The most important issue to us was health and living a healthy life-style,” said Nakakura.

The students began planning the fair in October of last year,brainstorming multiple ideas on how to address health issues. Ultimately, they decided on an informative health fair that would edu-cate students on organ systems and how to live a healthy lifestyle.“It made me appreciate the amount of work that goes behind doing something like this,” said Takahashi.

The seniors reached out to Kaiser Key Club of officers and Medical Club members and inquired if they could volunteer at the event. Several booths detailing the different body systems, such as the nervous or digestive system, were manned by these students. Almario, Nakakura, and Takahashi created research organizers for the volunteers so they would know the content they would be presenting to the audience. The boards for the booths were donated by junior Megan Oshiro, who organized a similar fair last year for her IB MYP (Middle Years Program) project.

Not only did Kaiser High School students volunteer to help at the event but also several public health nurses and nursing students offered their time as well. Public health nurse Audrey Kanemori (mother of senior Kayla Kanemori) noticed the posters advertising the health fair around campus and offered to be a guest speaker at the event. Along with fellow public health nurse Kathleen Garo, Kanemori discussed concussions and how to prevent them. “A lot of students play sports, so we wanted to let them know about this particular topic because a lot of concussions come from sports,”Kanemori said. Kanemori also had two student nurses (Amy Portugal and Hannah Soria) discuss the opioid crisis. Every day, more than 115 people in the United States die after overdosing on opioids, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. “It’s a public issue, and the role of the nurse is to educate the public,”said Soria when asked why Kanemori had her discuss the opioid crisis in particular.

Not only does health awareness apply to Kaiser High School students, the seniors said, but it also applies to Americans in general. “[Americans] don’t have a good history of being aware of their health and having a healthy lifestyle. Here at Kaiser, it’s important,especially as high schoolers, to be open-minded about what kind of things are related to your health,” said Almario.

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