#1 or #2? Kaiser Bathroom Review

Of approximately 20 existing bathrooms at our school, only around five are open for general student use. Those available restrooms were not created (or at least maintained) equally. Save for the students who avoid public toilets, most students at Kaiser believe strongly in the superiority of certain bathrooms on campus. 

Note: For the sake of relevance, lesser-used bathrooms such as those in the locker rooms and upper floors of the A/C building have been omitted from the following answers.


The A/C building boys bathroom lacks dividers between its closely-placed urinals, which is an awkward but not especially unique issue for public bathrooms. Even worse, the walls of its toilet stalls are less than five feet tall. As one can assume, this has led to numerous nerve-wracking experiences for many boys using the toilets. 


Many girls use the E building bathroom out of necessity but dislike it the most out of the bathrooms on campus. This bathroom is heavily used since it is the only bathroom consistently open on the right side of campus. Students whose classes are in the F, B, G, and E buildings must go to the E building bathrooms except on the rarer occasions that the gym or band room bathrooms are open. As a result of heavy usage, toilet paper and paper towels tend to be depleted before school ends each day, and the bathroom itself is less than clean. Additionally, there are wads of toilet paper stuck on the ceiling. 


Ironically, the H building bathrooms are the most popular because they are used the least often. While some campus bathrooms such as A/C and E building are much more accessible, the H building bathrooms are appreciated for their remote second-floor location on the edge of campus. There are significantly fewer classrooms than in A/C and E buildings, which means they endure less usage. The toilets and sinks are functional, and rarely do the paper towels or toilet paper run low. 

From polls, students have one main complaint about the H bathrooms: they have no mirrors. Still, many are willing to overlook that aspect in appreciation of the overall bathroom experience. Some even consider this to be an advantage since the lack of mirrors discourages students from loitering in the bathroom. 

Honorable mentions


The bathroom inside the library was also quite popular among those polled. This bathroom is unisex and contains only one stall, meaning that whoever uses this bathroom has the entire space to themselves. Paper towels and toilet paper are always well-stocked, and the area seems cleaner than other larger bathrooms. However, several flushes are required due to low water pressure. 


The gym is only open during PE classes, sports practices, and sports games, so some students say that making use of its bathrooms is a rare privilege. These bathrooms are some of the cleanest on campus and are almost always well-stocked. Additionally, spacious stalls make this bathroom the preferred changing area for many athletes.


Not to be confused with the bathroom inside the library, the K-building bathrooms can be found on the outside of the library building, just off the sidewalk leading up to the cafeteria. This area is a quick walk from many students’ favorite lunchtime hangout spots such as the cafeteria and the Gathering Place. These bathrooms are well-used, but not well-liked by female students, due to their weak toilets which will usually not flush unless the sink is turned on.

By Tara Mie Morisato

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