New Faces 2020: Tyler Kochi

Having worked in a hospital, Tyler Kochi is a kind hearted soul, and carries these qualities with him to Kaiser. 

Before teaching, Kochi previously worked at Queen’s Medical Center at the Family Treatment Center, counselling patients. “My job was to maintain the safety of all patients that were in my care,” he said. He provided support for them mentally and emotionally. Kochi also organized group work and activities, to help with future goal planning, stress management, emotion management, and coping strategies. “I loved working there, as I enjoyed the conversations I had with the patients,” he said, “and I also felt like I was making an impact on their lives.” 

Now, at Kaiser, Kochi is a special education and math teacher. Kochi became a special education teacher because “I’ve worked with the population for years, and I enjoy working with them,” he says. Kochi always wants the best for his students, and strives to build strong connections with them. “My favorite aspect of being a teacher is the interaction I have with all my students.” he said. “I love to talk story, and learn about each and every student that I teach.” Because of this, he prefers teaching in person rather than through a computer screen. “I honestly don’t enjoy online teaching, as it takes away the real face to face interactions with my students,” Kochi said. Despite this, he still wants to make his class a true learning experience. “I hope that students in my class learn that working hard can carry them through life,” Kochi said. “Even when you struggle, as long as you buckle down and work through it, you will be fine and go far.” 

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