How students have been coping with quarantine

With a pandemic in progress and school held online, many have been stuck inside their homes, burdened with stress and boredom. In response, students have picked up new hobbies and interests.

For freshman Brandon Lun, being stuck at home is a mixed blessing. “I’m bummed that I can’t see my friends but I enjoy the aspect of having classes in the comfort of my own home,” he said. To pass time, Lun has been playing basketball, walking his dog, and playing video games. “I feel like I have more time to do things…I couldn’t really do before when we had school in person,” he said. Junior Elana Ingwers feels conflicted. “I don’t really mind being in quarantine if it means keeping everyone safe, but I also miss seeing friends and family,” she said. Ingwers has kept herself busy by learning french, knitting, cooking/baking, reading, making jewelry, exercising, and studying (among others). Ingwers now sees things in a different light. “I’ve become much more mindful and grateful,” she said. “I’ve finally had time to  pick up hobbies I never had time to do.” Junior Aina Hayakawa has been trying to enjoy herself, spending her free time watching movies and reading. Her favorites include Harry Potter, Hunger Games, and Maze Runner. But she still has her mind on the outside world. “I can’t travel or see my friends, and personally, going to school in person feels easier to me,” she said. 

Looking on the bright side, we all have more time to try out new hobbies and activities. To keep yourself sane during these times, try out new things, even if it’s something you never considered before—I started drawing in quarantine, and I haven’t put down my charcoal yet. It’s important to make the best out of bleak times, and to remember your attitude can change your perspective on life. 

From left: Seniors Kasydie Park, Alana Gates, Taylor Ann Yamamoto and Catherine Lau at Ehukai Pillbox Hike

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