Despite pandemic, Kaiser students stay active

The pandemic has made most of us a bit lazier than usual—When there’s nothing much to do, we find ourselves playing video games or scrolling through TikTok. With team sports canceled, it has been especially difficult to find other means to stay fit. Some students at kaiser have found ways to spend their time productively, making sure to get their daily steps despite these uncertain circumstances. 

The pandemic hasn’t stopped senior Vance Shimabukuro from his lifelong fishing hobby “I usually go fishing early in the morning to reserve a spot, and because the fish bite better in the morning,” Shimabukuro said. He goes with his friends and on solo trips. Shimabukuro uses natural bait, like squid or shrimp, rather than lures, with great success: “I catch mostly Papio (Giant Trevally), but also toau(Blacktail Snapper), Moana (Manybar Goatfish), menpachi (Soldier Fish), and many others,” he said. Fishing can be a strenuous activity. “Fishing incorporates exercising because when I fish in the water, I’ll sometimes walk a few miles,” Shimabukuro said. He encourages others to take up fishing as an enjoyable, stress-relieving activity. Fishing is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and spend time with friends while staying fit and healthy. 

Another way students have been engaging in physical activity is going to the beach. Living in Hawaii, the beach is one of the most easily accessible amenities. Sophomore Brianne Oshiroching, doesn’t take the beach for granted. Whenever she’s free, she goes to beaches like Alan Davis or Makapu’u. Most of the time, she goes with a few of her close friends to enjoy the calmness together.“I enjoy going to the beach because it’s fun and really pretty,” Oshiroching said. Oshiroching believes it’s an enjoyable way to exercise, saying, “you don’t feel yourself getting exercise, but it’s fun.” Next time you’re feeling like you need to jump back into exercising, the beach is the perfect start.  

Hiking, though, has been the most popular activity among students. Seeing beautiful views and connecting with nature is not only a way to exercise; it also helps to ease the mind from pandemic stress. Senior Alana Gates goes hiking with friends quite often. “My friends and I usually decide on a hike together, and we choose a time that works for everyone,” Gates said. “[It’s] a good way to get out of the house.” Walking long distances uphill can be quite treacherous, but if you’re careful, it can be beneficial for endurance and leg strength. Gates believes that hiking is a good option for people who want to stay safe, due to the isolation of hiking from bustling Oahu. “In times like this, hiking is one of the only things you can do without putting yourself at risk,” she said. 

Although you may feel like you have nothing to do except stay at home, students at Kaiser have proven that you can find other ways to stay active and healthy. Vance, Brianne, and Alana are just a few of the many who encourage others to go out and discover new ways to stay fit as part of this new normal. 

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