Hawaiian Humane Society volunteer Shelly Pang ready to return

When the coronavirus struck, many businesses had to shut down due to the implementation of pandemic restrictions. Although they escaped full closure, the restrictions forced the Hawaiian Humane Society to stop taking volunteers. Although it was a needed measure to slow the spread of the coronavirus, for Shelly Pang, an avid volunteer at the Hawaiian Humane Society, the coronavirus prevented her from helping out.

Pang, an education assistant here at Kaiser High School and advisor for the Kaiser Hawaiian Humane Society club, has volunteered at Hawaiian Humane since 2012. During her time there she cared for the animals by cleaning their living spaces, taking walks with them and by assisting vets. She has also helped in the admissions department where incoming animals are documented and accounted for. Most of her time was spent in the adoptions department, where the animals are trained to be around humans. 

For Pang, the adoptions department was similar to taking care of children; although it was hard work, it was extremely rewarding to see the animals she helped get adopted.

When the pandemic struck, Pang worried that there would be more animals being abandoned, and that there won’t be enough caretakers for the animals. When the pandemic ends and Hawaiian Humane fully reopens,  she “will volunteer again without a doubt,” she said.

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