Our Staff

Ingus Stegis

A latecomer to the Cougar Connection, Ingus Stegis regrets not bringing better snacks to layouts sessions. In his spare time (and his “homework” time), Ingus watches Let’s Plays on YouTube and plays chess. He wants to become financially successful so that he can buy the games – instead of watching others play them. 

Sierra Okazaki

Sierra Okazaki has always had a passion for expressing her thoughts on paper. She discovered the Newswriting  class at Kaiser High when her brother, Nicholas Okazaki, was an editor. At first, she was hesitant about having her writings published. She’s glad she decided to test her skills by joining Newswriting , and plans to graduate as a Kaiser news writer.

Natalie Clay

Natalie Clay developed a passion for Newswriting  in the beginning of her freshman year and hopes to continue with news production throughout high school. Beyond writing, she enjoys babysitting, hiking, snowboarding and watching each Marvel film over a million times. Regarding her future, she often finds herself dreaming about the many routes she can take, but can never decide on just one.

Lilia Donley

Lilia Donley joined the Cougar Connection with the intention to become more aware of the events in her community. Throughout her time on the newspaper staff, she has found a passion for taking pictures and being a part of community events. Outside of school, you can find her at the beach with her friends or taking pictures at sporting events. In the future, she hopes to go to a college in Southern California and pursue nursing.

Sean Field-Torres

Sean Field-Torres has always enjoyed writing in his classes. As his high school career progressed, he became more interested in further pursuing that passion of writing. Newswriting allows Sean a platform to discuss topics that he is passionate about. He joined during his junior year and it has become one of his favorite classes throughout his time at Kaiser.

Mia Kessler

Mia Kessler developed an interest for journalism this year and enjoys lending help to her fellow staff writers. When she has free time she enjoys creative writing, daydreaming, and reading fiction novels. She also has a severe addiction to milk tea and eating midnight snacks.

Ailee Knauff

For as long as Ailee can remember she’s had a passion for writing, whether through her childhood short stories about dragons and princesses, and her yearlong PenPal relationship with a friend in Seattle. When she learned of the Cougar Connection during her sophomore year she knew that it was the right class for her. Not only does Ailee love writing, she loves baking as well. Since 6th grade, she’s been making her own goodies for holidays like Christmas and Valentines to give to her friends. 

Kera Nishimura

This is Kera Nishimura’s first year in the Cougar Connection and she is happy to be a part of the Newswriting  team. Outside of school, she loves photography, watching Marvel and Old Hollywood movies such as Singin’ in the Rain and Cabaret. As for the future, she aspires to be an Emergency Medical Technician or Nurse in hopes to help more people. 

Madeleine San

The creativity that Madeleine San gets to express in writing articles inspired her to continue working on the Cougar Connection staff for the rest of her high school years. Her hobbies include fashion, Youtube, and walking her dog.

Hana Suh

Hana Suh has always enjoyed writing and wanted to share her thoughts through Newswriting  and she wants to continue doing so until she graduates. Her hobbies include playing piano, baking, and taking naps. In the future, Hana hopes to become a geriatric nurse. 

Charlotte Tang

Charlotte Tang joined Newswriting  in her Sophomore year and was fascinated by the various skills and tasks involved in the making of a Cougar Connection issue. Her responsibilities from leadership roles and clubs fill up much of her schedule, but in her free time, you can find Charlotte shopping with friends, or watching movies at home to unwind.

Kaylie Yoshinaga

Kaylie Yoshinaga fell in love with the excitement and comfort that books brought her at a young age. Yet, the task of putting her writing out into the world always seemed too daunting. Joining the Cougar Connection has helped her become more comfortable with her voice. As for her future, she hopes to pursue a degree in journalism as well as graduate from law school. 

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