Two Parties: Two Americas

From the election period to the inauguration, the divide in America has been continuously highlighted. Even within the Republican Party, a rift seems to have formed. According to a poll from Politico, only about 53 percent of Republicans and Republican-supporting independents would support Donald Trump in the 2024 primary election. But if the main splitContinue reading “Two Parties: Two Americas”

Are video games too political?

Dictator, a game based on the life of a ruler in the Cold War, released in 1983 by DK’Tronics in Europe, was the first videogame to revolve around politics itself. However, videogames have a long history of including political views. Following DK’Tronics lead, Ubisoft, now known for their FPS games such as Rainbow Six Siege,Continue reading “Are video games too political?”

New perspectives on a new schedule

In response to social distancing requirements in schools, Kaiser has pioneered a new class schedule. The most notable change: A free Wednesday except for a 30 minute Kaiser Advisory Period (KAP) in the morning. Students weigh in on the new schedule. Mental health benefits By Dacee Tsue Students now have four regular days of classesContinue reading “New perspectives on a new schedule”

After you’re vaccinated, keep that mask on

Despite differing opinions on mask-wearing, it seems that everybody is in equal anticipation to see each other’s smiling faces again. Many are looking forward to getting vaccinated for COVID-19 as a return to fresh air—but reconsider ripping off your mask. For the peace-of-mind and safety of yourself and others, keep your mask on. Here’s why:Continue reading “After you’re vaccinated, keep that mask on”

What is school doing to help students socialize? Not enough.

School’s purpose is not solely education, but also social interaction. Group education is merely a convenient, productive vehicle for sharing experiences. Otherwise, schools wouldn’t expend so much effort to facilitate social events for their students. At Kaiser specifically, Principal Justin Mew has also repeatedly emphasized the social needs of the student body in addition toContinue reading “What is school doing to help students socialize? Not enough.”

Time to eat local

Hawaii, despite its reputation as paradise, has its fair share of problems, one of which is food security. Currently, Hawaii only produces roughly 10-15% of its necessary food supply, while the remaining 85-90% is imported from across the ocean. Relying on the importation of food usually means consuming foods with more pesticides and genetic modificationsContinue reading “Time to eat local”

Open Letters: The recent election

The 2020 presidential election was a source of great controversy nationwide, and as such, individuals here at Kaiser have opinions as well. We asked two teachers with contrasting views for their take on the legitimacy of the election. Their responses below (left and right columns) will be kept anonymous for the sake of their privacy.Continue reading “Open Letters: The recent election”

Standardized testing set up to fail

As high school students, we have to look past graduation and be prepared for the future. And in that future, there will be two paths to choose from: either starting a career, or going to college to continue education. With the latter route, being accepted to college is the first step. As part of theirContinue reading “Standardized testing set up to fail”

The reason for Hawaii’s peaceful protests

After prolonged police violence towards African Americans, George Floyd’s death was the final indignity that pushed the nation towards outrage and protest. Hawaii News Now reported protesters on the mainland United States breaking in windows, attacking officers with bottles, and even setting a police car on fire. They went on to mention, however, that “Honolulu’sContinue reading “The reason for Hawaii’s peaceful protests”

CollegeBoard fails the test

As students, we’d like to think that the college applications we work so hard on are reviewed word-for-word, but that’s just not the case. According to the U.S. News and World Report, colleges can receive up to ninety thousand applications every year, making it impractical for humans to spend more than a few minutes onContinue reading “CollegeBoard fails the test”