Ask Madeleine: Pandemic Struggles

“I enjoy having school online, but I miss being able to socialize. I’m new to Kaiser and don’t have any friends. How can I make friends if I’m scared and shy?”  -Antisocial and Afraid Response: Hey! I know it’s hard for a lot of people to step out of their comfort zone and talk toContinue reading “Ask Madeleine: Pandemic Struggles”

Security guards’ personal security threatened

Students are back on campus, and it’s up to the security guards to make sure that the return goes as smoothly as possible. The guards have tackled the challenge readily, organizing the installation of temperature checks and social distancing markers and ensuring that we all stay safe during this transitional period. So far, it isContinue reading “Security guards’ personal security threatened”

Outfit ideas to pair with your mask

Let’s start off with a simple cute outfit. The weather has been pretty chilly recently, so dressing up with layers and long clothes is ideal. For girls, a pair of black mom jeans with a corset style top and a cardigan/jacket would pair well with a cloth mask. You can’t go wrong with a ginghamContinue reading “Outfit ideas to pair with your mask”

Wonder Woman 1984 not so wonderful

Wonder Woman was widely renowned as the best DC movie, winning several awards including Movie of the Year (AFI Awards, USA), Best Action Movie (Critics Choice Awards), and Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy Movie (Dragon Awards). And last year, fans were thrilled to hear of a sequel. On December 24, 2020, Wonder Woman 1984 was released to muchContinue reading “Wonder Woman 1984 not so wonderful”

Muki Dogs combines modern tastes and tradition with vegan hotdog stand

Have you ever been to an outdoor traditional hotdog stand? If not, then you’re in luck! Located on the main street of Waialae Avenue, the Muki Dogs hotdog stand serves delicious vegan hotdogs that are topped with various sauces and toppings. The hotdogs, sauces, and garnishes included are all 100% plant-based and will leave youContinue reading “Muki Dogs combines modern tastes and tradition with vegan hotdog stand”

Oscar predictions for some of 2020’s hit movies

The Midnight Sky Synopsis: A crew of astronauts is coming back home to apocalyptic earth, and an arctic scientist is on a mission to contact them, hoping to accomplish his dying deed. Review/thoughts: The midnight sky successfully captures the emptiness the characters are forced to face in this sci-fi/drama movie. The editors focused on theContinue reading “Oscar predictions for some of 2020’s hit movies”

O’Neill’s new adoptions

Kaiser Algebra I teacher Meagan O’Neill has recently grown her ohana. In December, O’Neill adopted four children: Manju, Sanjay, Poonam, and Manisha. The children, biological siblings, are from Kanpur, in Northeast India, about four hours away from the well-known Taj Mahal. O’Neill has always wanted to adopt and never felt the desire to have biologicalContinue reading “O’Neill’s new adoptions”

Clubs’ persistence through social distance

The coronavirus pandemic closed schools worldwide, sending students back home to learn from a screen. As a result, student-led organizations based on school campuses were left adrift. Here at Kaiser High School, club presidents scrambled to keep their clubs and activities afloat.  All clubs at Kaiser are required to hold regular meetings, which were typicallyContinue reading “Clubs’ persistence through social distance”

Hatakenaka’s PPE printing

Before Hawaii transitioned to online distance learning, COVID-19 was raging in the state. To help protect the vulnerable members of the islands, including elderly, medical staff, and patients with chronic illnesses, the State of Hawaii asked all government IT employees to help produce face shields. Garrett Hatakenaka, a former state government employee and lifelong local,Continue reading “Hatakenaka’s PPE printing”