Kaiser students create non-gender specific court committee

By Ingus Stegis As early as 2013, LGBTQ+ high schoolers nationwide have run for homecoming and prom court positions, and in several instances, won their elections. However, these victories often resulted in controversy, escalating to bullying and harassment in extreme cases.  At Kaiser, this year’s homecoming court included sophomore Neil Frankel, who identifies as aContinue reading “Kaiser students create non-gender specific court committee”

Kaiser bowling team finishes season with heads held high

The Kaiser bowling team had skill to spare this season, sending 10 members of their team to OIAs. The team this year got off to a slow start since many of the players were either first or second year bowlers. With half of the team completely new on the girls team and multiple new membersContinue reading “Kaiser bowling team finishes season with heads held high”

Kaiser reconnects with sister schools in Japan

On Oct. 2, juniors Krystal Spear, Jonah Rosales, and sophomores Rachel Gotham, Jacelyn Ogata along with Principal Justin Mew, World Language teacher Kyle Wachi, and Language Arts teacher Sarah Shiroma, spent six days in Hiroshima. Their purpose was to commemorate a 20 year relationship between Hawaii and Hiroshima Prefecture, and to reconnect with their sisterContinue reading “Kaiser reconnects with sister schools in Japan”

Blade Runner 2049 surpasses expectations

Blade Runner 2049 had a very tough legacy to live up to as a sequel to a cult classic widely considered to be one of the greatest science fiction films of all time. Yet it surpassed all of my expectations and perhaps even surpassed the original Blade Runner. I don’t say that lightly: Blade RunnerContinue reading “Blade Runner 2049 surpasses expectations”

Drama stage gets a new look

When students walked into G103 this year, a room more commonly known as the Black Box Theater, they were greeted by something almost entirely new. A redesigned stage was constructed by people who shared a common vision to refurbish the theatre and aid Kaiser’s long-standing drama program. Drama teacher Ann Ogilvie was presented with theContinue reading “Drama stage gets a new look”

MYP Project revived through KAP grading policy

As the deadline for this year’s MYP project approaches, conversations regarding the Kaiser Advisory Program’s grading policy have been buzzing as sophomores consider whether or not they should complete a MYP project. If students complete the project they will receive a MYP certificate. Students who fail to submit a MYP project will receive a ‘U’Continue reading “MYP Project revived through KAP grading policy”

Why is school dress code important?

Picking out clothes for the day can be a stressful experience. What top should I wear with my Levi jeans? A long sleeve flannel? A t-shirt? A tank top? Sneakers? Flip flops? We are so focused on mixing and matching colors and styles that the dress code policy is, more often than not, an afterthoughtContinue reading “Why is school dress code important?”

IT makes a grand return to the big screen

Stephen King’s It opened in theaters on Sept. 8 as one of the most hyped horror movies of 2017. In its first two weeks, the film broke box office records for R – rated horror movies, surpassing the previous record holder, The Exorcist (1973). It is an adaptation of the classic Stephen King novel andContinue reading “IT makes a grand return to the big screen”

Lee-Tomita brings expertise to Kaiser kitchen

Last March, Christian Lee-Tomita was hired as the temporary cafeteria manager after the former manager, Darryl Okamura, retired. “I saw the job opening and took the temporary [position]. Coming from Castle High School, it was a change of scenery [to see] if I liked it,” Lee-Tomita said. He fell in love with the friendly atmosphere.Continue reading “Lee-Tomita brings expertise to Kaiser kitchen”

Robotics wins Create Award for original design

When people think of sports, they usually think of activities such as soccer, football, or track. But there are many other teams at Kaiser where students can compete for awards and championships. One team is the Vex Robotics Club who won the Create Award and placed in the ranking bracket in their last competition atContinue reading “Robotics wins Create Award for original design”