Kaiser PTSA Farmer’s Market falls victim to COVID

The continued closure of the Kaiser PTSA Farmer’s Market has left an unfillable void in the Kaiser community. Vendors have lost their incomes, and market-goers have lost access to the culinary delight that was the market. With no further Department of Education (DOE) announcements in sight, there is little hope that the market will returnContinue reading “Kaiser PTSA Farmer’s Market falls victim to COVID”

Kaiser’s PSAT high scorers

The National Merit Scholarship Corporation has announced Kaiser seniors Ingus Stegis and Carlyn Kagamida as National Merit Scholar Semifinalists, as well as seniors Travis Nitta and Jacob Shinsato as Commended Students.  The National Merit Scholarship Program consists of three rounds. Starting with Program Recognition, out of 1.6 million entrants, the top 50,000 scorers on theContinue reading “Kaiser’s PSAT high scorers”

Kaiser seniors to return December 7

On December 7,  Kaiser High School will reopen its gates to Kaiser seniors, with the rest of the student body to return in the 3rd quarter. Principal Justin Mew has introduced a phased reopening plan, with students coming back one grade level at a time, to prevent any potential COVID-19 super-spreader events centered at theContinue reading “Kaiser seniors to return December 7”

Kaiser students march against TMT

Wearing red shirts and grasping signs emblazoned with the words, “A’ole TMT” and “Ku Kia’i Mauna,” meaning “No TMT” and “Guardians of the mountain,” students at Kaiser High School marched during lunch on Sept. 16 to protest the construction of the Mauna Kea Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT).  While the movement against construction on Mauna KeaContinue reading “Kaiser students march against TMT”

Kaiser students represent the United States in World Tsunami Conference in Hokkaido

When you think about Japan, you first think about its picturesque landscapes, delicious cuisine, and advanced technology. Yet, as an island that rests directly on four tectonic plates, Japan is also heavily prone to tsunamis—in 2011, the Tohoku Tsunami wreaked havoc on the country and caused the deaths of more than 15,000 people. To directlyContinue reading “Kaiser students represent the United States in World Tsunami Conference in Hokkaido”

Realtors beautify Kaiser on Realtor Action Day

Approximately 450 members of the Hawaii Realtors organization assembled on Sept. 16 for school campus beautification efforts at 13 schools across the state. At the Realtor Action Day event, several of those realtors helped to beautify Kaiser. On a campus as large as Kaiser, beautification is an ongoing process. Improvements on Realtor Action Day includedContinue reading “Realtors beautify Kaiser on Realtor Action Day”

Kaiser students travel to South Korea with PESS organization

Contributed by Charlotte Tang Over the summer, sophomores Akela Inskeep, Abraham Marsh, Lienne Tung, and Mia Umeda, accompanied by English teacher Amy Conners, traveled to Gong-ju, Seoul, Gyeong-ju, and Busan in South Korea. The trip was arranged by the PESS (Physical, Emotional, Spiritual, and Service) organization, and aimed to establish relationships among people from differentContinue reading “Kaiser students travel to South Korea with PESS organization”

Kaiser participates in AFJROTC summer event

Over the summer, the Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFJROTC) participated in a week-long excursion at the Marine Corps Base Hawai’i (MCBH) in Kaneohe. Nine students from Kaiser attended, accompanied by Senior Master Sergeant Mike Paquin and Lieutenant Colonel John Sykes. The MCBH hosted a Cadet Leadership Course (CLC) for one Navy schoolContinue reading “Kaiser participates in AFJROTC summer event”

Wipeout Crew cultivates learning with feeder schools

With the onslaught of climate change and increasing debate in Hawaii about environmental conservation and pollution, it’s more important than ever to teach younger generations about the environment. Kaiser’s Wipeout Crew (WOC) has been at the forefront of environmental education for younger students from feeder schools in the Kaiser complex.  The Wipeout Crew has beenContinue reading “Wipeout Crew cultivates learning with feeder schools”